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For information and placement email the Swim School Director, Amanda Letterman



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Ages 4 to adult

Swim School Location for Winter Session Classes

At this time the only location we have secured for Swim School is Norfolk Academy

Please be advised that the facility has strict restrictions on who can be on the pool deck. Parents will NOT be permitted to be in the building at this time. The instructors will meet their students at the door and escort them to the pool deck. Swimmers are required to wears masks until they get into the pool. Parents will need to wait in their cars until the lesson is over. Then the instructors will escort their students to the outside door for parent pickup.
Thank you for your understanding as we (still) navigate covid-19 mitigation strategies and procedures.

Norfolk Academy

  • Classes will be offered between the hours of 6:30pm - 8:30pm Monday - Thursday
  • All Introduction to Competitive Swimming (ICS) classes will be held at this location
  • HERE is a map that shows how to get to the pool



  • Session dates: January 3 - March 24, 2022 (12 weeks)
    • Students take one, 30-minute lesson per week
    • Swimmers registered in the fall session will be given priority and can keep their class assignments for the winter session IF they give notice to the Swim School Director starting DEC 6
    • New students can register beginning DEC 13
  • Students pay an annual $25 registration fee
  • Winter session tuition is $300: $150 is collected at registration; $150 is charged automatically on February 1, 2022
  • Students continuing from the fall session do not need to use online registration. They will be charged $150 automatically on January 1, 2022. The second installment of $150 will be charged on February 1, 2022.
  • Swimmers are assigned to classes by the Swim School Director BEFORE parents register online and pay
  • Cancellation of session registration must be done 7 days in advance of the session start date for all but $25 of the fees to be refundable
  • All students need to have goggles and a kickboard


The registration process for small group lessons is as follows:

1. Secure class day / time (EMAIL)

2. Watch for confirmation email from Swim School Director

3. Respond to the email to confirm your day / time

4. Use the registration link in your confirmation email to register for swim lessons

5. When you register, select "swim lessons" as the registration group

6. The annual $25 registration fee is non-refundable


 Location: Norfolk Academy 


January 3 - March 23, 2022

Swimmers new to the group must be evaluated BEFORE registering


Group Reg Fee

Paid at registration (new swimmers) or
Jan 1 (returning swimmers)

Paid on Feb 1 Paid on Mar 1
Intro to Competitive Swimming 1   $25 $120 $120 $120
Intro to Competitive Swimming 2   $25 $160 $160 $160


Introduction to Competitive Swimming (ICS) 1  

  • Two, 45-minute practices per week: Monday and Wednesday 7:35-8:20pm
  • Group limited to 10 swimmers (minimum of 5 required to offer class)
  • ICS 1 students need to have a mesh bag, goggles, kickboard, fins, paddles, and a pull buoy

Introduction to Competitive Swimming (ICS) 2  

  • Two, 60-minute practices per week: Monday and Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm
  • Group limited to 10 swimmers (minimum of 5 required to offer class)
  • ICS 2 students need to have a mesh bag, goggles, kickboard, fins, paddles, pull buoy, and a snorkel



To develop confident and skilled swimmers while building relationships and a sense of belonging



Acknowledge that everyone develops at their own pace
Never give up


Honor your commitments
Be accountable for your actions
Communicate openly


Radiate positive enery
Share your love of swimming
Be your authentic self


Prioritize safety
Uphold the Swim School curriculum
Be prepared, present, and punctual


Seek learning opportunities
Recognize growth
Celebrate often


TIDE is very proud of its Swim School staff. Each instructor joins us with a unique ability to connect with children and a core knowledge of our sport. In addition to a background in competitive swimming, all Tide Swim School instructors go through a rigorous certification procedure that includes:

  • Safety Training for Swim Coaches (including first aid and in water rescue)
  • Concussion Protocol Training
  • Athlete Protection Training
  • State of Virginia Mandated Reporter Training

All instructors have passed a criminal background check and are non-athlete members of USA Swimming.

All instructors have completed at least 8 hours of in-water training before teaching a class of their own. 

We teach students the right way to swim from the very beginning while always adapting our methods to an individual's unique needs. We believe that this philosophy, coupled with the finest instructors, is what makes us the best choice for learning how to swim.


Swim School Staff

 Amanda Letterman, Swim School Director


Joining the TIDE staff in October 2021 as the Swim School Director, Amanda is excited to join an organization she has already worked with in many different capacities! After completing her Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of Missouri in 2007, Amanda moved to the Virginia Beach area to join the YMCA of South Hampton Roads where she served in a variety of roles and positions for 13 years, most recently the Executive Director of the YMCA JT's Camp Grom. Experience in marketing, program development, aquatic knowledge and a love of working with people are all things she is excited to continue with the TIDE organization. Amanda's love of the water started in her early years when she joined the Liberty Hills Gators swim team at the age of six, accepting her first coaching position at the age of sixteen. From teaching swim lessons, working swim meets, to providing safety around water or leading a team, Amanda is grateful her skills have allowed her to share this passion with others throughout her life. Amanda is looking forward to joining an organization that practices achievement through hard work, consistency and diligence, as well as shows a strong commitment to its athletes, their families, and their staff team.


Lyla Chandiramani

Coach Lyla joined the Swim School staff in September 2019. She began swimming when she was four years old and swam for the Virginia Beach Rec league until she reached middle school and joined TIDE. Lyla continued  swimming with TIDE in high school, which helped her to be accepted as a member of her high school varsity swim team. Coach Lyla has continued her love for the sport in college. She is currently a sophomore at Old Dominion University and swims with the ODU club team. She also still swims for TIDE in the masters program. Lyla's event of choice is sprints and the 100 meter breaststroke. In her free time she rows with the ODU club rowing team and loves to volunteer at Operation Smile. Lyla's swimming experience is what inspires her to offer children the same opportunities that she had in the sport.


Dianne Cobb

Coach Dianne joined Tide Swim School as an instructor in May 2020. Dianne's father introduced her to swimming when she was very young at the family summer home in Sag Harbor, Long Island, New York. Dianne continued swimming through high school, where she was chosen team captain for Midwood High School in Brooklyn, New York. Dianne swam for and graduated from Dartmouth College. Her interest in teaching young children was piqued while living in Italy. Dianne continues to train and compete in swim meets as an adult. She is a member of Tide Masters, a USA Swimming certified official, a level 1 and 2 coach for US Masters Swimming, and a USA Swimming certified coach. 

Bryn DePaul

Coach Bryn began her competitive swimming career at four years old. Since then, she has competed on several USA Swimming teams and was a senior swimmer on TIDE from 2015 to 2018. She has qualified and competed in the Virginia Senior Championship Meet multiple times. Bryn graduated from Hickory High School in 2018, exceeding a 4.0 GPA throughout all four years of school and ranking within the top 5% of her class. In high school, she was inducted into the National Honor Society, National English Honor Society, and was a member of the Friends of Rachel Anti-Bullying Initiative. Bryn is a junior studying in the International Honors Joint Degree Programme at the College of William and Mary and the University of St Andrews in Fife, Scotland. She is majoring in Classical Studies, with a concentration in Ancient History and Archaeology. Bryn made the William and Mary Dean's List during her first year. She is back from University of St Andrews for the summer and will be returning to Scotland for the 2020-2021 academic year. Coach Bryn became a member of the Swim School staff in August 2017. She loves working with TIDE's young swimmers and sharing her passion for the sport!

Jennie Leigh DePaul

Coach Jennie began swimming competitively at age 6. During the course of her competitive journey, she obtained and still holds several records on USA Swimming teams. Jennie qualified for the Eastern Zone Competition many times and represented Virginia Swimming twice on the Virginia Zone Team. During her swimming career, Jennie placed 3rd and 4th in breaststroke and individual medley in Virginia, and as a fifteen-year-old placed 3rd, 9th, and 10th in breaststroke and individual medley at NASA Junior Nationals.
Academic achievement is also very important to Jennie. She holds the rare distinction of having achieved straight A's throughout all of Middle School, High School, and thus far in College, and was one of the first graduates of the Virtual Virginia full-time pilot program in High School. She is currently a student in the International Honors Joint Degree Programme between The College of William and Mary and the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, majoring in Classical Studies with a concentration in Latin and Greek. Jennie joined Tide Swim School as an instructor in March 2017 after swimming for two years in Tide's senior groups and loves her job! She can't wait to teach more Swim School students how to swim!



Chloe Dewberry

Coach Chloe joined the Swim School staff in August 2021. She began swimming when she was 6 years old in Chesapeake, Virginia. In high school, Chloe was in National Honor Society, Willet club, and was a member of the varsity swim team all four years. She represented her high school at states during her junior and senior years. After graduating with a GPA exceeding 4.0, she went on to Virginia Wesleyan University where she has continued her swimming career. She holds seven records at college. Along with swimming in college, Chloe represents the swim team in the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. This committee focuses on enhancing student-athlete experiences. When not in the pool, Chloe maintains a high GPA in the D. Henry Watts School of Professional Studies while studying accounting and finance. Coach Chloe can't wait to teach students how to swim and share her love for swimming!


Jason Rodriguez

Coach Jason joined TIDE swimming in January 2017. Beautiful Virginia Beach has been his home for the last eighteen years after graduating from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In addition to coaching ICS and Tide Masters, Jason is also an active US Masters competitive swimmer for TIDE, where he primarily specializes in middle and long distance freestyle events, as well as long distance open-water races. When not swimming, he loves to surf  and spend time out on the water.


Reilly Schindler

Coach Reilly joined TIDE in the spring of 2020. Reilly has lived in Hampton Roads her whole life and swam on a local club team for eight years until she graduated from Bishop Sullivan Catholic High. In addition to swimming she has been doing triathlons since 2014 and is currently a junior on the Queens University of Charlotte Triathlon team. Queens is her third college as she started her freshman year at Saint Mary's College of California on a rowing scholarship. She then transferred to the University of South Carolina and competed on their club triathlon team for the fall 2019 semester before transferring to Queens. Reilly's triathlon achievements include: qualifying for ITU worlds to represent team USA in 2019 and 2020; earning second place at USAT Nationals in the 16-19 age group in 2019. Reilly's rowing achievements include: earning first place in the 2k and 20 min lightweight division at the World Indoor Rowing Championships in 2017; earning first place in the 20 min lightweight division at the World Indoor Rowing Championships in 2018. Reilly also set the record for the 20 min lightweight erg that same year.



Teach them to swim!

"Children who learn how to swim at a young age are reaching many developmental milestones earlier than the norm...Lead researcher Professor Robyn Jorgensen says the study shows young children who participate in early-years swimming achieve a wide range of skills earlier than the normal population."      

-Read the entire article HERE


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Which level do I choose?

Choose Level 1 (Water Adjustment)

  • if your swimmer has little to no experience in the water

Choose Level 2 (Introduction to Strokes) if your swimmer

  • can submerge without assistance for 5 seconds,
  • can float on back for at least 10 seconds,
  • can roll from front to back and back to front,
  • can flutter kick on front and progress at least 5 yds, and
  • can flutter kick on back and progress at least 5 yds

Choose Level 3 (Stroke Development) if your swimmer

  • can swim freestyle with in-line breathing for 12.5 yards,
  • can swim backstroke for 12.5 yards,
  • can swim underwater from the wall for 5 yards (to the backstroke flags),
  • can perform drop-ins from the wall on both front and back, and
  • can perform a dolphin kick (intro to butterfly)

Choose Level 4 (Stroke Refinement) if your swimmer

  • can swim freestyle with a fluid breathing pattern for 25 yds,
  • can swim backstroke for 25 yds,
  • can swim butterfly for 12.5 yds,
  • can perform a standing dive with streamline, and
  • has been introduced to breaststroke (breathing, streamline, coordination)

Choose Introduction to Competitive Swimming 1 (ICS 1) if your swimmer

  • can swim freestyle with a fluid breathing pattern for 50 yds
  • can swim backstroke for 50 yds
  • has strong skills and endurance in freestyle and backstroke
  • can swim butterfly for 25 yds
  • has started learning breaststroke and knows the basic arm, feet, and leg positions

Choose Introduction to Competitive Swimming 2 (ICS 2) if your swimmer

  • can perform all of the skills required from Level 1 through ICS 1
  • can swim at least 100 yds of freestyle continuously
  • can swim at least 50 yds of backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly
  • has some knowledge of proper drop-in technique for each stroke, open turns, and flip turns

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Swim School Policies

  • Parents MUST remain in the facility during swim class if their swimmer(s) is 12 years old or younger (YMCA only).
  • Weather cancellations will be last minute cancellations as we rarely cancel classes based on speculation. In most cases, the instructors will be at the pool waiting for the storm to pass and the pool to reopen. When possible, we will email parents about class cancellations if we have enough notice.
  • If a class is cancelled due to weather with less than 15 minutes remaining, no make-up class will be offered.
  • In the case of a pool maintenance closure, we will let you know via email as soon as we receive notification about it from the facility.
  • Make-ups will only be offered if the facility closes the pool for maintenance or weather reasons and offers Tide Swim School additional pool time to conduct makeup classes. If no make-up can be scheduled, a Tide Swim School credit will be issued to the family's account for use as payment for future lessons.
  • If a swimmer misses a class for any reason other than the class being cancelled by TIDE, no class credit or makeup will be offered.
  • Swimmers in Intro to Competitive Swimming sign up for seasonal sessions. There are no refunds if a swimmer withdraws before the end of the session.





Picture of little boy sitting beside a pool

Our Swim School is growing!! We need additional instructors. If you are interested, please email 

Amanda Letterman