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Age 4 to adult!


1585 Wesleyan Dr, Norfolk, VA 23502

Tide Swim School Standard Operating Procedures - Read THIS 


  • 8 week session
  • Lessons scheduled between the hours of 6:30pm - 8:30pm, Monday through Thursday
  • Small group lessons priced at $25 per 30-minute lesson
  • Private lessons available upon request, priced at $45 per 30-minute lesson
  • One lesson per week: $200 paid in full at registration. Lessons can be scheduled Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday (same day and time each week)
  • Two lessons per week: $200 installment paid at registration and $200 charged to account on October 1. Lessons can be scheduled Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday (same days and times each week).




We love our students! Here is what parents have to say about our program.

"A word of thanks -- sincere gratitude! -- for our excellent experience with the Tide Swimming program this summer!

My son, Ben, had the best experience at Little Neck Swim and Racquet Club in the first session this summer with Coach Brooke. Ben had very little water experience, and Coach Brooke was incredible with him! She assessed him so well, and she was creative in her work with him. She was patient, kind, and fun as well as practical and smart. She built a solid basic skill set, and maybe even more importantly, she built his confidence. In the pool now, Ben is a total 180 from where he started. He's practiced skills throughout the summer, and he's talked about Coach Brooke a lot -- she had such a positive impact on him. As a mama, I'm so thrilled! We may not be Olympics-bound, but being able to swim and safely have fun in the water is very important. My husband and I are so grateful.

I'd also love to note that Coach Rachael was an excellent on site supervisor!
We are impressed and are excited for more swim lessons next summer! Thank you for all you do."

Blake Mailhes


"Coach Maddy was wonderful this session. My husband said that she really worked with the kids. Thanks for putting an incredible program together. After summer we really would like to switch Rylee to the Tide program."


"I would like to thank you and your team for accommodating my daughter Rose. (Coach) Lucia was awesome/great. She handled Rose very well on her first day. Nicole and Aindrea made a lot of progress. For being scared of water now they are loving it. Thank you again."    Quiambao Family


"My two boys signed up for swim lessons with Tide Swim School this summer and they just completed their first week. This is the first time we have entered into the world of swim lessons for our kids so it’s unknown territory for our family as we didn’t fully know what to expect. What a positive experience it has been for all of us in just 4 short days. I have watched my boys go from one lesson to the next as each passing day goes on learning, growing, and eager to learn. I want to fully credit Coach Sito for the outstanding work and connection he puts into his lessons everyday. Hayden and Logan look forward to going to each time excited to know what they will learn and again, I credit this to Coach Sito. He’s encouraging, a positive roll model, and clearly a great coach. He’s making more of an impact on his students then he realizes and for this I am so very thankful."  - Jennie Boyle



We believe in small group lessons!

Small group swimming lessons offer a number of advantages over private lessons, including:

  • More affordable. Private lessons are typically more expensive than small group lessons. This is because the instructor is only working with one student at a time.
  • More social. Small group lessons provide an opportunity for children to socialize with other children their age. This can help them build confidence and make friends.
  • More challenging. Small group lessons can be more challenging than private lessons because the instructor is able to provide more feedback and instruction to each student. This can help students learn more quickly and improve their swimming skills.
  • More fun. Small group lessons can be more fun than private lessons because children enjoy being around other children. This can help them stay motivated and engaged in the learning process.

Overall, small group swimming lessons offer a number of advantages over private lessons. If you are looking for an affordable, social, and challenging way for your child to learn to swim, small group lessons may be the best option for you.

We adjust our class size based on age:

  • ages 3 to 5: two swimmers per class
  • ages 6 to 8 and 8 to 10: three swimmers per class
  • swimmers older than 10 (including advanced 10 year olds): four swimmers per class



Teach them to swim!

"Children who learn how to swim at a young age are reaching many developmental milestones earlier than the norm...Lead researcher Professor Robyn Jorgensen says the study shows young children who participate in early-years swimming achieve a wide range of skills earlier than the normal population."      

-Read the entire article HERE


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To develop confident and skilled swimmers while building relationships and a sense of belonging



Acknowledge that everyone develops at their own pace
Never give up


Honor your commitments
Be accountable for your actions
Communicate openly


Radiate positive enery
Share your love of swimming
Be your authentic self


Prioritize safety
Uphold the Swim School curriculum
Be prepared, present, and punctual


Seek learning opportunities
Recognize growth
Celebrate often

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