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Eight Instructional Tracks for Small Group Lessons

Parent and Me Classes for ages 6 months to 3 years at select locations

We've put our best minds together and have re-imagined our swim lesson curriculum by transitioning from 4 "levels" to 8 "tracks". We are delivering the same quality instruction and covering the same skills and drills, but with more tracks there are more opportunities to celebrate achievements and a more clear progression of skills!

We will also be changing our class structure. Our youngest beginners (ages 3 - 5) will be placed in classes with just two swimmers per instructor. Classes with swimmers age 6 to 8, and 8 to 10 will top out at three swimmers per instructor. Our older swimmers will start to transition to classes with more of a feel of a swim practice and will get to learn new skills and train in groups of four swimmers. These classes will still group swimmers by age ranges: 10 to 12, 12 to 14, 14 to 17, and 18 and older.

Our Parent and Me classes will be 30 minutes of fun for 5 parents and their little ones, led by an enthusiastic Tide Swim School Coach!

Where Should my Swimmer Start?

Parent and Me (age 6 months to 3 years)

Experience your child's first time in a pool together! Parent and Me lessons are an infant's introduction to the water using water play, songs, and small movements to allow your child to develop confidence in the water.

6 to 18 month children will be introduced to

  • splashing water on face
  • jumping/falling to parent while being held with float recovery
  • back float
  • getting in/out of the water assisted and unassisted

18 months to 3 year old children will be introduced to

  • putting face in water
  • holding breath
  • back float for 10 seconds
  • entry / exit of the pool unassisted

Track One - Introduction to Water  

New to swimming? This track allows a swimmer to become familiar with the water. From submersion, to blowing bubbles, to proper entry into the pool, this track is perfect for swimmers who have had no experience in the water or in swim lessons.

Beginning swimmers will be introduced to

  • submersion of mouth, nose, and eyes for 5 seconds
  • retrieval of submerged objects
  • introduction to flutter kick
  • blowing bubbles for 3 seconds

Track Two - Introduction to Swimming   

Designed for those who are ready to start moving in the water, this track will work on the beginning techniques of swimming. This track is appropriate for those swimmers who are new to the sport of swimming but are comfortable with submersion, breathing, and beginning to swim without assistance.

Swimmers will enjoy

  • jumping into the water and leveling off on front
  • back float for 10 seconds
  • introduction to streamline off of the wall
  • rolling from front to back and back to front

Track Three - Forward Progression

This track will work in the beginning phases of freestyle and backstroke forward progression.

Swimmers will learn skills that include

  • introduction to freestyle arm motion
  • forward progression on front with proper kick
  • forward progression on back with proper kick
  • introduction to seated dive

Track Four - Going the Distance

Swimmers will have the opportunity to progress their Freestyle and Backstroke with the introduction of proper starts, streamlines, and an introduction to diving.

Swimmer will work on

  • introduction to in-line kicking and side breath
  • underwater swim to flags
  • drop-in with streamline on front
  • introduction to kneeling dive

Track Five - Stroke Development

Freestyle and Backstroke will be developed through breathing techniques, drills, and introduction to swimming the full length of the pool. This track introduces the swimmer to Butterfly and Breaststroke.

Swimmers will learn

  • freestyle with in-line breathing for half-length of the pool
  • backstroke for half-length of the pool
  • introduction to dolphin kick
  • introduction to standing dive

Track Six - Stroke Technique

Using the full length of the pool, swimmers will learn a variety of drills and techniques used to improve their form and speed.

Swimmers will expand their skills to include

  • freestyle with in-line breathing for full-length of the pool
  • introduction to Tide freestyle drills (catch-up, in-line, position 11)
  • backstroke for full length of the pool
  • introduction to Tide backstroke drills

Track Seven - Putting it All Together

Starts, diving, introduction to racing - we cover it all in this track!

Swimmers will work on

  • butterfly for half-length of the pool
  • standing dive with streamline
  • introduction to flip turns
  • introduction to racing starts

Track Eight - Stroke Detail and Conditioning

We put the finishing touches on each of the four strokes and also introduce the swimmer to flip turns, medleys, and workouts to continue their progression.

Swimmers will practice

  • completion of all four strokes for the full-length of the pool with proper coordination
  • turns for each stroke
  • introduction to medleys, relays, and distance swimming


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