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Program Overview


New Swimmer Evaluations are conducted by appointment only except for the months of July and August when we have group evaluations with online signup.

Coaches evaluate swimmers to determine placement, which can range from Swim School to Swim Team. Athletes are placed to maximize their chances of success in the sport.


TIDE Swim School logoFor children and adults who are new to swimming to swimmers who want to improve their technique and conditioning for rec, summer, or year round swimming

  • Students must be at least 4 years old
  • School year format: One 30-minute lesson per week
  • Introduction to Competitive swimming 1 & 2 train twice weekly for 45 min to 1 hour
  • School year lessons are offered in 10-12 week sessions
  • Summer sessions are 2 weeks long, with four 30-minute lessons per week
  • Swim School graduates can swim 50 yards of freestyle with proper technique and coordination, swim 50 yards of backstroke, swim 25 yards of both butterfly breaststroke, perform a standing dive with streamline, and drop in properly from the wall
  • YMCA membership is not required
  • Call (757) 375-5936 for more information



For swimmers age 5 - 18

  • Swimmers can swim freestyle, backstroke, & butterfly and have been introduced to breaststroke
  • Swimmers love the water and want to swim in an 11 month program where they can make new friends, improve their strokes, stay fit, and compete in swim meets
  • Novice and high school swimmers have the option to join 3-4 month seasonal session programs instead of committing for the entire year
  • A New Swimmer Evaluation is required to join the team
  • YMCA membership is required


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For adults who know how to swim and want to train for fitness or competition

  • Swimmers are at least 18 years old
  • Swimmers must also join USMS (United States Masters Swimming)
  • Swimmers want to train with other adults to improve their swimming technique, stay fit, or prepare for Masters or open water competitions
  • YMCA membership is required

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