The word “Master” swimmer has nothing to do with your skill level or competency in the water, just your age. Unfortunately the name can be intimidating to some people, but Masters swimming is truly for everyone!  Whether your objective is fitness, triathlon training, or competitive swimming, we have created a Masters group that will help you reach your goals.  We provide great coaching for any level of training and a fun team environment! Join us!

  • Two YMCA locations (Princess Anne, Mt Trashmore)

  • 9 practices offered per week



Monday through Friday           5:00am - 7:00am     Mt Trashmore



Monday, Wednesday, Friday*          12:00pm - 1:00pm     Princess Anne

*Swimmers who wish to add a dryland workout to their training should consult with Coach Dana. She will provide a training program that you can follow independently, on a schedule that is convenient to you, and that is consistent with your individual goals.

Open Water Training

  • Practices held June  - October
  • Swims will be held, weather permitting, Saturdays at 10:00am
  • Meet at the Lee Avenue entrance to Chic's Beach (on the Chesapeake Bay)
  • All participants must be USMS and TIDE Masters members
  • Swimmers must be approved for open water swimming by Coach Dana before attending an open water practice
  • Swimmer skill and endurance will be assessed at a TIDE Masters practice prior to commencing open water training
  • Swimmers must sign a WAIVER to participate. Print, sign and return THIS to Coach Dana prior to open water training



Join us!! You're never too old to challenge yourself and try something new!

History was made at the Sixth Annual Rowdy Gaines Masters Classic. Edwin Graves, 91, Tiger Holmes, 93, John Corse, 90, and William Adams, 88, all former college swimmers who stopped swimming for decades, went on an age-group record setting binge. The swimmers’ combined age is 362: an average of 90.5!

TIDE's 2nd Annual Speedo Masters Meet

Saturday July 14, 2018

Princess Anne YMCA

Long Course Meters

Meet and Registration Information HERE

Registration opens March 1

Entries due by July 11

Open to all USMS registered swimmers


YMCA and USMS membership required


$54.00 USMS membership fee (annual)

$25.00 one-time TIDE registration fee

$50.00 monthly dues

Monthly dues charged automatically

No contract required

30 days notice to cancel or suspend

Email us cancel or suspend

Masters Logo.jpg

Join TIDE Masters

Active Duty Military Discount

$35.00 per month

That's a 30% discount!

Email us to redeem



Join a Masters workout for a $10 drop in fee. If you wish to train at least 5 times during your stay, we invite you to register online. Your $25 registration fee will be applied to your fees for the month ($50 total).



"Swam noon Tide Masters at outdoor Princess Anne YMCA pool today. First real swim for me in 2 years. I recommend it:
1. Outdoor swimming is like a different sport from indoor - SO MUCH BETTER!
2. Having a coach and fellow swimmers in the pool is way more fun than swimming alone.
3. Overall body fatigue feels weirdly good hours later
4. Forgot how much I enjoy the feel of water - good for the soul!"

-Katy Arris-Wilson, President, TIDE Board of Directors. Read about Katy's exceptional swimming career HERE.

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