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Practice Locations


Hilltop Family YMCA

Hilltop East Shopping Center
1536 Laskin Road

Novice, Developmental Silver
(Monday - Thursday)

Indoor, 5-lane, 25m pool

picture of an indoor pool


Greenbrier Family YMCA

Mt. Trashmore Family YMCA

4441 South Blvd

Novice, Developmental Silver (Friday)

Developmental Gold

Age Group Bronze (ES), Age Group Bronze (MS)


Outdoor, 6-lane, 25m pool (Covered with dome Nov to Apr)

Picture of the Mount Trashmore Outdoor pool



Up Goes the Bubble!!

Mt Trashmore Bubble Raising, October 2017

Great Bridge/Hickory
Family YMCA

633 Battlefield Blvd South

Age Group Bronze, Age Group Silver, Age Group Gold

Senior Bronze, Senior Silver, Senior Gold


Outdoor, 8-lane, 25m pool


Picture of the Great Bridge/Hickory  Family YMCA outdoor pool



Portsmouth Family YMCA    

4900 High Street West

Age Group Bronze, Age Group Silver

Senior Bronze, Senior Silver, Senior Gold

Indoor, 6-lane, 25m pool


Princess Anne Family YMCA    

2121 Landstown Road, Virginia Beach

Age Group Prep, Age Group Bronze, Age Group Silver,
Age Group Gold

Senior Bronze, Senior Silver, Senior Gold, Pre-National, National


Outdoor, 25 yd by 50m Myrtha pool

picture of the Princess Anne Family YMCA outdoor pool


 The official location for TIDE hosted swim meets

Held in Fall, Spring, and Summer

On-site and satellite parking available

Bleacher seating for spectators




Hilltop YMCA

Morgan Denning, Lead

Lexi Bradshaw

Kindle Timberlake

Mt Trashmore YMCA

Cat Leach, Lead

Sito Arroyo

Fefe Nardone

Deanna Parsons

Scott Scofield (Masters)

Liz Seigler

Princess Anne YMCA   

Ricky Perez, Lead

Sito Arroyo (Masters)

Danny Colvin

Richard Hunter

Fefe Nardone

Marilyn Rowell

Scott Scofield

Greenbrier YMCA

Jonah Barnes

Nathan Kimbel

Laura Pollard

Maggie Pope

Great Bridge/Hickory YMCA

Mike Salpeter, Lead

Callie Dunham

Nathan Kimbel

Maggie Pope

Emily Salpeter

Kate Sullivan

Drew Whitting

Portsmouth YMCA

James Miller

Rick Shelton

Dawson Webster