Fees and Pricing

YMCA Membership Fees

All members of TIDE Swim Team must also be members of the YMCA of South Hampton Roads. That includes session swimmers as well: Novice, Middle School Prep, High School Training.

The current YMCA of South Hampton Roads membership fee schedule may be found here. The YMCA of South Hampton Roads waives the joining fee for TIDE swimmers. Members may use any of the YMCA facilities in South Hampton Roads. TIDE swimmers are encouraged to join at the facility in which they will practice.

Current YMCA monthly membership fees are $63 (individual) and $93 (family).

Fees Collected at Registration

  Year Round Swimmers (per year) Session Swimmers*
TIDE Registration $100.00 $35.00 (per session)
USA Swimming Registration $70.00 $70.00 (one time fee per year)
Safe4Athletes Membership $5.00 $5.00 (one time fee per year)


*Novice, Middle School Prep and High School Training register in sessions

2016-2017 Practice Group Fees

GB = Great Bridge      GR = Greenbrier     

Practice Group

Monthly  Dues

(11 monthly installments, Sept - July)

Novice  VB-MT / VB-Hill, GR / GBr

$60 / $40 / $30

Tide 1  (Hilltop, GR, GB)


Tide 2  (Hilltop, GR, GB)


Tide 3  (Hilltop, GR, GB)


Age Group Blue


Age Group White


Age Group White (extended)


Middle School Prep (session only)


Age Group (GB only)


Middle School (GB only)


Middle School Training


Regional 1


Regional 2


High School Training (session only)

$159 (fall, spring, summer)
$135 (winter)




Meet entry fees are charged to the swimmer and vary by type of meet and number of events swum.