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What Every Athlete Should Know 

What Every Parent Should Know              

Every athlete deserves a safe and positive sports environment. SPEAK UP if the way you are being treated feels wrong.

At TIDE, all coaches are required to annually sign a statement acknowledging receipt and understanding of the USOC and NGB’s Coaching Ethics Code and their obligation to comply with such codes.

TIDE's Senior swimmers and their parents are required to sign and abide by the policies and rules set forth in the TIDE Swim Team Athlete Code of Conduct.  

TIDE has two Athlete Welfare Advocates, Mrs. Mary Scott Burt and Mr. Mike Barakey, to assist athletes in voicing their concerns. Our Athlete Welfare Advocates are adults who have volunteered to be available to any athlete who is concerned about the conduct of coaches, staff, volunteers, or other athletes and wants to talk about it.

Visit the safe4athletes website

usas_logo.pngUSA SWIMMING'S Safe Sport Programming

Fostering a Safe & Healthy Environment

USA Swimming strives to continually improve the programs and services it offers to its members and among these some of the most important relate to the safeguards for protecting young athletes. In effort to continue to foster safe and positive environments within all our member clubs, we believe it is especially important to provide our member adult leaders with policies and best practice guidelines that help define elements of appropriate behavior and conduct.

Here you will find Rules, Policies and Best Practice Guidelines related to Athlete Protection.

Bullying of any kind is unacceptable at Tide Swimming and will not be tolerated. Read TIDE's Policy to Address Bullying here.

USA Swimming offers free online Athlete Protection Training for parents. Go to this webpage to sign in and begin. Our LSC is "VA" and the club code is "TIDE".