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Stroke Academy

Tide "Academy" classes are now part of our Swim School Curriculum

We have expanded the options in our Swim School to include stroke instruction and training to prepare for competitive swimming


Introduction to Competitive Swimming 1 is for swimmers who 

  • can swim freestyle with a fluid breathing pattern for 50 yds
  • can swim backstroke for 50 yds
  • has strong skills and endurance in freestyle and backstroke
  • can swim butterfly for 25 yds
  • has started learning breaststroke and knows the basic arm, feet, and leg positions

Introduction to Competitive Swimming 2 is for swimmers who

  • can perform all of the skills required from Level 1 through ICS 1
  • can swim at least 100 yds of freestyle continuously
  • can swim at least 50 yds of backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly
  • has some knowledge of proper drop-in technique for each stroke, open turns, and flip turns


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