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TIDE Senior Kat Vanbourgondien

Posted by   admin on    April 11, 2020

Katherine "Kat" Vanbourgondien


Notable Academic & Athletic accomplishments
Academic: National Honor Society, National English Honor Society, 
National Latin Honor Society, National History Honor Society, AP Scholar
Athletic: High School MVP for 3 years, TIDE Teammate award sophomore 
year, and Virginia Competitive Spirit Award 13 & over

What is your first swimming memory?
When I was eight years old, I was trying out for Salem Woods Summer League. I was doing their time trials and I remember doing backstroke, getting first, and then banging my head so hard against a wall. After that I swore I'd never do that stroke again because I was scared to hit my head.

What has been your favorite moment on TIDE?
My favorite moment on TIDE was ISCAs my junior year. I loved the atmosphere there where we all hung out and just laughed and did silly things. The best day there though was when I brought in the facepaint and everyone went nuts with it.

What are your plans for Fall 2020 and beyond?
I am going to be swimming at William and Mary and majoring in (most likely) Film and then minoring in English. My goal one day is to create tv shows and movies that everyone would love.

Love to win OR Hate to lose?
Love to Win

Off the pool deck - what are your favorite activities?
Making plans with friends, writing, watching Netflix, and going to the movies

What is something unique about you that most people might not already know?
At the moment, I'm thinking of creating a tv show about some fellow TIDE members' high school experiences. It's centered around five characters, and what they go through. It involves a lot of people on TIDE and off TIDE.

Best advice you have received from a TIDE teammate or coach?
The best advice on TIDE that I received was from Coach Richard. I wasn't focusing on liking who I was and instead was trying to please everyone. I thought I was disappointing everyone and felt worthless. Richard told me though that it doesn't matter what other people think of me. He told me all that matters is that when I look in the mirror and see myself, what parts do I like and what parts do I not like. I can't control other people's perceptions of who I am, I can only control my own.

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