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TIDE Senior Elle Caldow

Posted by   admin on    May 17, 2020

Elle Caldow


Notable Academic & Athletic accomplishments:
Norfolk Sports Club female swimmer of the year (2017-2018/ 2018-2019)
Virginian-Pilot female swimmer of the year (2017-2018/ 2018-2019)
Scholastic All American (2017-now)
Olympic Trial Qualifier

What is your first swimming memory?
I started swim lessons when I was 18 months old, but my first memory would be from fun Fridays on my summer league team VBTCC. I was probably 5 and we were making pancakes on deck and diving for coins and a greased watermelon. TIDE swimmers like the Demers, the Southerns, and Jack Rogers were there.

What has been your favorite moment on TIDE?
It's hard to pick a favorite moment but it would definitely be from a team travel meet or training trip. It's awesome to be able to go to new places with some of your best friends, and I appreciate those opportunities because not a lot of people get to experience that.

What are your plans for Fall 2020 and beyond?
I plan on attending the University of Tennessee where I'll continue my academic and athletic career. I plan on exploring the different majors UT's business school has to offer, and then from there I'll plan my future career. I do intend to travel a lot as well during and after college.

Love to win OR Hate to lose?
A little bit of both. I hate losing, but it's such an accomplished feeling to win something you've 
worked hard for.

What advice you would give to younger TIDE teammates?
Swimming is a big commitment and if you love the sport I say go for it all the way. It might get tough sometimes, practices will be hard, your body will get exhausted, but the experience is so worth it. I wouldn't trade anything in the world to give up the experiences I've made on this team. At the end of the day I don't remember the hard sets (except for a few traumatic ones) and I don't remember the times I went. I remember the people and how they made me feel. I remember the places we've gone together and all the inside jokes we laughed about. There's no other sport out there that creates a bond like swimming so take full advantage of the opportunities ahead of you.

Best advice you have received from TIDE teammate or coach?
Jack Roach always says find the next best thing and trust me when I say that will get you far. My swimming journey hasn't been the easiest and there have been quite a few bumps in the road this past year or so but you have got to stay motivated and keep searching for the next best thing. There's always something out there to work towards even if you don't know what it is just yet.

What will you miss the most about TIDE?
The environment. Tennessee has some high expectations to live up to. This team, these coaches, my teammates are all family to me. I've grown up with these people and made so many memories and relationships I'll hold close to me for the rest of my life.
 I don't think I'll ever laugh as hard as I have with these people.