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Tide Swimming

TIDE Senior Abby Reardon

Posted by   admin on    April 27, 2020

Abby Reardon


Notable Academic & Athletic accomplishments:
Scholastic All American Qualifier
Summer National Qualifier
TYR Pro Series Qualifier
USA Swimming Zone Select Camp Attendee

What is your first swimming memory?
My first memory of swimming is when I was 5 years old during summer swim league and not wanting to race because I was scared of the starting buzzer. I would always cry before a race and my parents would try to bribe me with ice cream or a toy in hopes of trying to convince me to swim. After the first two meets, my parents ended up pulling me off the swim team until the next year because I refused to swim.

What has been your favorite moment on TIDE?
One of my favorite memories on Tide was when we won ISCA's (2019). Being one of my first team travel meets for TIDE, it was fun having a large group come together and compete for the same goal. It was fun seeing my teammates always cheering and supporting each other and it was such a great opportunity to swim at that meet for TIDE.

What are your plans for Fall 2020 and beyond?
I have committed to swim at West Virginia University, where I plan on majoring in Biochemistry on a pre-med route. I hope to attend medical school after college, in hopes of pursuing a career in anesthesiology.

Love to win OR Hate to lose?
Hate to lose

What advice you would give to younger TIDE teammates?
To all younger swimmers- enjoy every second of every practice, every meet, and anytime you have the opportunity to swim because it goes by faster than you think. Take advantage of the time you have, cherish the little moments, and always remember to have fun!

What will you miss the most about TIDE?
I'm going to miss swimming with some of my best friends everyday and working with the amazing coaches who have taught me so much and made me into the swimmer I am today.