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Class of 2021: Samantha Tadder

Posted by   admin on    June 1, 2021



Notable Academic & Athletic accomplishments:
Scholastic All American- 9th, 10th, and 11th grade
Olympic Trials Qualifier
National Honors Society

What is your first swimming memory?
My first swimming memory would have to be swimming for Little Neck when I was 6/7 just before starting Tide! I remember being so curious about swimming and just loving to race and being in the water!

What has been your favorite moment on TIDE?
Wow there have been so many amazing experiences throughout my time on Tide. One of my favorites would have to be ISCA in 2019 down in Florida! It was the first of many times I saw our team really come together and swim for one another, not just ourselves and it really showed with our performance! The support we all shared for each other at that meet was unlike anything I had experienced before. We also won for total team points which was really cool!

What are your plans for Fall 2020 and beyond?
Next fall, I am planning on swimming at Stanford University where I am planning on majoring in human biology (pre med) or management science and engineering! I hope to one day work in the medical field or own my own company!

Love to win OR Hate to Loose?
Love to win! Even though it's definitely a mix of both! Just the feeling of all your hard work paying off is what I strive for most, regardless win or lose!

Off the pool deck - what are your favorite activities?
Outside of swim I like to spend time with my friends and family! I also really like to eat food!! Going to the beach would have to be one of my favorites as well!:)

What is something unique about you that most people might not know about you?
I broke my elbow during ultimate frisbee because I was standing and tripped myself! And 2 of my favorite foods are sushi and onions!!

What advice you would give to younger TIDE teammates?
Enjoy it! Everyone says it but it truly does go by so fast. I have made so many lifelong friends through this team and to be able to really cherish those people and every practice and moment with them before you leave Tide is really important! Also to really take advantage of all the resources Tide gives, from the coaches to the swimmers to the facilities, it is unlike any other team and they do everything to put you on a path to succeed! The coaches also all have amazing outlooks on swimming and to really utilize their wisdom!!

Best advice you have received from TIDE teammate or coach?
Coach Jack once told me to be unassuming. He told me this probably 2 years ago and the way I look at that now is to never assume what your potential is in the sport of swimming and to never assume that there isn't something you can do better! It also means to never put a limit on any race and to just go for it!!

Who on the team best exemplifies TIDE Pride?
Definitely Coach Richard and Coach Jack because I can't just choose one!! Richard embodies Tide pride because he always encourages us to find new ways to drive performance and to be better teammates! Jack embodies Tide pride because if you have ever heard one of his inspirational speeches you would know exactly why! They both are so motivating and take so much pride in making the team what it is today. For example, at meets like Senior Champs, the entire team is always cheering for every single person who is swimming and you always feel like you are a part of something bigger than yourself!

What will you miss the most about TIDE?
Everything. I'm going to miss waking up at 4 am and seeing my friends first thing in the morning and just having that unique bond that you only have with your teammates! Tide has a unique kind of support that is rare and everyone wants the best for one another. I'm going to miss the coaches. Tide has provided the best coaching staff because the coaches care more about you as a person and helping you reach your potential as a swimmer than anything else! I am going to miss all of the team travel meets that I always looked forward to months in advance and all of the funny inside jokes our group shared! Tide is my second home and I don't know what I'm going to do without it!

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