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Class of 2021: Noah Spain

Posted by   admin on    November 12, 2020


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Notable Academic & Athletic accomplishments:
- Scholastic All American
- IB Program
- PAHS Swim MVP Award
- Member of NHS
- Leadership Workshop Staff

What is your first swimming memory?
My first swimming memory was swimming for my summer league team, Little Neck Blue Dolphins, when I was around 6 or 7. The thing that sticks out in my memory the most was the spirit nights the team had the day before a meet, where we'd all meet at Little Neck to make posters and write "eat my bubbles" on each other's backs in preparation for the meet the next day. I met so many people during my first year on Little Neck that I'm super close with now, and it's been cool being able to watch us all grow up together, both as athletes and friends.

What has been your favorite moment on TIDE?
My favorite memory on TIDE has definitely been the National group's training trip to Sarasota last summer. It was so much fun being able to train with a completely new group of people from Sarasota, while being able to grow a lot closer with the same people I had seen everyday for the past couple years on TIDE. Even though the practices were hard and sharing the tiny houses wasn't the most enjoyable, the memories made are some that I will remember for the rest of my life.

What are your plans for Fall 2020 and beyond?
The theme for this question is "undecided". I definitely am planning on swimming in college and pursuing my education, but where exactly that will be is not concrete yet. The same goes for my future career aspirations. I am possibly interested in something in the medical field, but again, I'm still trying to decide exactly what that will be.

Love to win OR hate to lose?
Definitely love to win. I can handle losing pretty well, but the feeling of winning is something I always strive towards.

Off the pool deck – what are your favorite activities?
I love hanging out with my friends and attending school activities, like football or basketball games. I lifeguard and teach swim lessons during the summer at my neighborhood pool, which is what occupies most of my time during the summer. I also really enjoy spending my days outside, whether that's going to the beach, spending the day with friends on the boat, or just chilling in my backyard.

Who on the team best exemplifies TIDE Pride?
I think Sam Tadder best exemplifies TIDE Pride. Undoubtedly she is one of the most talented people I have ever met, both in the pool and in the classroom. Her presence is felt as soon as she steps in the room (probably because she likes to have all the attention on her). She never boasts about her accomplishments, and instead makes everyone feel welcomed and appreciated. Although sometimes she can be a handful, she is always there to give everyone a good laugh while also challenging us to be better than we were yesterday. You can really go to her to talk about anything and everything.