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Class of 2021: Tabitha Moore

Profile of TIDE senior Tabitha Moore
TABITHA MOORE Notable Academic & Athletic accomplishments: Attends the Math and Science Academy What is your first swimming memory? My first swimming memory was when I was… https://tideswimming.com/blog/class-2021-tabitha-moore/

Class of 2021: Ethan Comeyne

Profile of TIDE senior Ethan Comeyne
ETHAN COMEYNE     Notable Academic & Athletic accomplishments: Tide Practice Award Top 10% of my Class TYR ISCA Qualifier National Honor Society Member What is your… https://tideswimming.com/blog/class-2021-ethan-comeyne/

Class of 2021: Samantha Tadder

Profile of TIDE senior Sam Tadder
SAMANTHA TADDER Notable Academic & Athletic accomplishments: Scholastic All American- 9th, 10th, and 11th grade Olympic Trials Qualifier National Honors Society What is… https://tideswimming.com/blog/class-2021-samantha-tadder/