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Advice for Parents of Young Swimmers

Posted by   admin on    February 2, 2018

 by Coach Sandra

Parents have a wonderful opportunity to share a part of their child's life through this sport. Swimming is something that is important to the child, and they want to share this with you. Parents can create such a wonderful relationship. Make it a positive one. Cherish the time you spend with your child. Be a pillar of strength for your child when they have their struggles. Let them know that no matter how they do, you love them. To you as a parent, it doesn't matter what place they get, because your child is always number one in your heart. Respond to their swimming with emotional balance. Life has its ups and downs and so does swimming.

Everyone has their own biological, emotional, and intellectual learning curve. When your child is ready to learn, they will receive the information and process it. Do not compare them to others, but rather reinforce and encourage growth that is on their timeline. Learning occurs internally before it is manifested externally. Just because they are not improving meet to meet doesn't mean they are not learning and growing from the sport.

Basic Skills are paramount for a high ceiling of success in the future. Solid skills coupled with a child's physical growth allow for quick and easy improvements. As growth slows down, improvements at some point will also slow down. If the focus has been on a consistent process and not just the outcome (best time), they will sustain and continue to enjoy the sport. Being part of a team, having great friends, parents, and coaches helps a young swimmer get through tough moments.